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how to Increase Fuel Efficiency in Your New Vehicle

Posted by Mike Lowton on 28 Nov 2016


From the moment we drive away from a dealership with our brand new vehicle, we are cautious in so many ways - whether it's taking an extra moment as we make that left turn, to turning the sound of our radio down as we merge onto the highway - we are very careful in those first few weeks. 

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Cool Car Accessories you need from kickstarter 

Posted by Mike Lowton on 22 Nov 2016

From the moment you purchase your first vehicle, you're likely waiting with anticipation to set your wheels up with some interior accessories that will customize your ride just how you like it

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Should I Buy a Mitsubishi Mirage?

Posted by Mike Lowton on 17 Nov 2016

When it comes to buying a car, everyone is looking for something different. Whether it's a two-door that suits your fast-paced lifestyle, or a CUV that gives you the room you need at a price that is more than appealing, every single customer that arrives on our lot is after something a bit more unique than the last. 

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How many test drives should you take before buying a vehicle?

Posted by Mike Lowton on 10 Nov 2016


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5 Tips on Caring For Your Vehicle in the Winter

Posted by Mike Lowton on 02 Nov 2016

Edmonton Winters can be nasty. From the cold weather to the dirty roads after a snowfall, it can often prove difficult to keep your car in great shape during these months. Doing so can sometimes seem like an impossible task - after all, who has the time to keep their vehicle clean and free of debris in December? 

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