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Here's What You Need In a Winter Car Survival Kit

Posted by Mike Lowton on 22 Oct 2016

Edmonton Winters can be cold. While the Summer months are simply stunning, the Winter months can make even the hardened of us hibernate for a period of time. That's why, when you're taking a Winter road trip for the weekend, or even if you're driving across the city, it's so important to have a Winter Car Survival Kit with you at all times. Protecting yourself in these months will prepare you for potential challenging or emergency situations head, should you need to stay in your car for a period of time while you wait for help to arrive. 

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5 Ways To Prepare Your Vehicle for The Winter

Posted by Mike Lowton on 14 Oct 2016


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Introducing the 2017 Mitsubishi Line-up

Posted by Mike Lowton on 08 Oct 2016

With 2016 coming to a close faster than we can imagine (can you believe it?) we're so excited about the 2017 line-up that Mitsubishi has in store. Our dealership loved the 2016 Outlander, RVR and Lancer, but 2017 is truly something special.

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20 Questions to Ask When Buying a New Car

Posted by Mike Lowton on 28 Sep 2016


Let's face it - buying a new car can be intimidating. Whether you're buying or leasing, it's a fair chunk of change that you've likely worked hard to save, so you absolutely do not want want to make a poor decision on your make or model. 

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What You Need to Know During Your Lease

Posted by Mike Lowton on 25 Sep 2016

So you've decided that a lease is for you (high five!) and you're ready to book your test drive. You're prepared to sign on the dotted line of your contract, but you have a few questions. 

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