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What You Need to Know During Your Lease

Posted by Mike Lowton on 25 Sep 2016

So you've decided that a lease is for you (high five!) and you're ready to book your test drive. You're prepared to sign on the dotted line of your contract, but you have a few questions. 

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I'm New To Canada. Can I Buy a New Car?

Posted by Mike Lowton on 11 Sep 2016


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5 Benefits of Buying a Used Car in Edmonton

Posted by Mike Lowton on 01 Sep 2016

There are two sides to every story. Sometimes, you completely agree with one opinion and can't quite understand why anyone would disagree with you. Other times, you can understand both perspectives of a story, both sides of the coin, though you do favour one opinion over the other. 

Does this sound like a relationship yet?

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Can You Trust a Used Car Dealership? (The Secrets Are Inside...)

Posted by Mike Lowton on 26 Aug 2016


I'll be completely honest with you. 

Before I entered the car industry, I was wary of used car salespeople. There is a strong perception about a salesperson that we all seem to have (and don't worry - we laugh about it all the time at Southside. We even share the odd meme or two via email to poke fun at one another). 

We laugh at it because we know it's not true. At least, it's not true for our group here. We love our customers and we truly want to help each and every person who walks on our lot, sends us an email, posts on our Facebook page, gives us a call...you get the idea. 

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Favourite Weekend Getaways from Edmonton That You Need to Consider Now!

Posted by Mike Lowton on 19 Aug 2016


It's Wednesday. The week is dragging on and it feels like the weekend was ages ago. You've been in a slump for the last few months (perhaps it's the weather, or maybe work is creating more stress than usual), but you know you need a change - fast. 

That's when you get the perfect idea. 

What about a weekend getaway? 

You text your closest friend and see if they're in. 

"Yes!", they say. "Where to?"

And that's when you head online to search for some of your fellow locals' favourite weekend getaways from Edmonton. 

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